Wise MPay

As technology continually evolves, the world is presented with an unprecedented access to markets across borders. To serve the changing global landscape, Wise MPay offers an innovative digital payment solution using MasterCard VisaCard to connect consumers, businesses, suppliers and merchants worldwide. This solution uses plastic or virtual cards that are not bound to any region, unlike conventional bank cards, providing our customers with unparalleled payment convenience that is virtually borderless, secure and efficient. Additionally, virtual cards have the added benefit of limiting risk factors such as fraud.

Be it paying salaries and suppliers, outsourcing to global markets or making purchases online, Wise MPay's digital payment solution is financially inclusive, even for the unbanked. The simple, low-cost solution enables the unbanked to access secure financial services where traditional physical banking services are expensive and difficult to develop, resulting in improved financial well-being for the unbanked and global access to untapped markets.